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Lamp: 600W White LED

CT: 6500k

Life: 20,000Hr

CRI ≥74 or ≥90



Max power Consumption: 850W Pf ≥0.98

Power Supply: electric auto -ranging 

Input voltage range: 100-240V, 50/60Hz



Power connector: Seetronic power IN / OUT

DMX and RDM data in/out: Locking 3-pin& 5-pin XLR

ArtNET port : RJ45



Pan: 540°/630° optional 16bit

Tilt: 270° 16bit

Advanced motion system: auto repositioning, fast, smooth, quiet



CMY color mixing

CTO linear

CT: 2700K-6500K

1 Color wheel: 6 dichrotic filters + open



1 Rotating gobo wheel with 6 interchangeable + open and shake effect

1 Fixed gobo wheel with 8 gobos + open and shake effect



Prism: 5-facet prism with bidirectional rotation

Focus: motorized focus, auto focus

Shutter: electronic, varible from 1-25Hz or random

Iris: 5-100% electronic iris

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Frost: 0-100% linear adjustment

Zoom: 7°-42° linear zoom

Animation wheel: rotating water effect


Framing System

4 fast and smooth framing shutters,

Each shutter blade position and angle can be controlled individually

Movement is fast and Smooth, with adjustable speed

Framing shutters have precise motion with smooth movement

The framing module can be rotated at ±45° 



15 second standby auto lock

Pan/tilt disengage (hold MENU and ENTER button)


Cooling System

Advanced liquid cooling system 

Self-adjusting variable speed fans

Slelctable ventilation user modes

Excess-temperature protection


Work Envierment 

Max ambient temperature: 104° F

Max surface temperature: 149° F

Minimum operating temperature 32°F



Control channel modes: 34/54 channels


ArtNET optional


Dimensions and Weight

Net weight: 66lbs

Gross weight: 77lbs

Body size: 29in x 15.3in x 29.1in 

Packaging size: 32.6in x 17.7in  x 14.5in







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