Lerner Theatre & XBlack

Testimonial: Lerner Theatre

As a municipally owned theatre, upgrading any of the technical infrastructure to run a show is a large task. We started to think about upgrades to our lighting system in early 2019. As a road house, we strive to have the best equipment possible that will work with any tour and any system that comes through our doors. As we were operating with outdated Mac 2000s and LED pars, we wanted to head in the direction of all LED fixtures. We needed a set of powerhouse moving head profile fixtures to elevate any show that stepped on our stage.

After extensive research and budgeting, we closed in on a decision, but were still hesitant. In March of 2019, Scotty McCreery graced our stage introducing us to Jayme Braun of Xblack Visual Products. We talked with him extensively after load-out of the show about his own brand of lights that Scotty’s tour was using. They were extraordinary, and everything we’ve wanted. Later in the year, we reached out to Jayme to see what he could offer us with the budget we had set and the competitor fixture we were looking at.

Jayme was a pleasure to work with from the start. He immediately started by offering a new fixture that was in the process of being developed. It had everything we wanted from the competitor fixture, and at a much more reasonable price. We were able to have a say in certain aspects of the fixture, which is something the competition definitely wouldn’t let a venue of our size do. By the end of negotiating and coming to a deal, we were able to purchase eleven Xblack XB600s, instead of the 6 competitor fixtures we would’ve been able to acquire with our budget.

Don’t think for a second that the price difference comes at a lesser quality product. When we received the test fixture to make sure it was everything we wanted, we were blown away. The fixture had every aspect we were looking for, an extremely powerful LED engine, it was lighter and more manageable than other fixtures, and the customer service is the best in the business.

With most vendors, you wait on hold to speak to a representative that may or may not have the answer you’re looking for. With Xblack Visual Products, you get the best customer service in the business. Jayme never ceased to take excellent care of us, no matter the concern. He was always able to answer every question we had about the fixtures and has an extensive knowledge of every aspect of his fixtures.

Though Xblack Visual Products may be a smaller company than the big guys, it doesn’t lack in any department. There were concerns within the organization when we approached them with the idea of buying our fixtures from a smaller, newer company. Will the fixtures work for every show that comes through, will the fixtures last long enough, will they hold up to the competition? Jayme and Xblack not only guaranteed all of this but proved it. Once we received the fixtures and were able to get them in the air, they did not disappoint.

Grade A customer service, durable and powerful fixtures, competitive pricing and ease of use. That is Xblack Visual Products. We will happily become repeat customers.

Deen Tuggle
Assistant Technical Coordinator/House LD, The Lerner Theatre, Elkhart, IN